This ministry was founded and established through God by us, Pastor Thomas L. Brown & Co-Pastor Wilma D. Brown, to set the captive free both physically and spiritually. By choosing to become a part of this ministry, you are accepting the roles that God has specifically created for you in this ministry. The vision that God has given his leaders will outlive them.
We now pray that as you continue to grow and become a vital part of this ministry that you seek God for your portion in the vision of Grace and Mercy Temple Ministry, as well as for your own family. We truly believe that everyone’s role in Grace and Mercy Temple is crucial. On behalf of your Pastor & Co-Pastor and Grace and Mercy Temple family, we joyfully welcome you into our family and pray that you will feel welcome at all time.
History of Grace and Mercy Temple Ministry, Pastor Brown received a call from God in 2010 to establish Grace and Mercy Temple Ministry. Grace and Mercy Temple was the vision.  The Church Motto: “Leading people to stay connected to Christ”.
Pastor Brown and Co-Pastor Brown stepped out in faith by saying “Yes” to God in February 2010. Through prayer and supplication God put on the hearts of pastor and family, their church name “Grace and Mercy Temple Ministry”. Although Pastor Brown received many prophesies through the years, he is now seeing the manifestation. Grace andMercy started in the home of Pastor Brown with Bible Study three Monday nights out of a month from February 2010 until November 2010.
Both Pastor Brown was searching for a home for Grace and Mercy Temple and after driving many miles throughout Liberty County an empty building on airport road was found. Pastor Brown spoke with the owner and expressed his desire to rent the building for church services. The owner consented to the church service and Pastor went before the city council, but did not realize the obstacles he would be facing with the zoning committee. The zoning committee informed Pastor Brown that the location he wanted for the home for Grace and Mercy Temple Ministry was in fact a commercial zone and a church could not be in that particular location. After much fasting and praying from the saints the zoning committee informed the city council of Walthourville the zoning was changed from a commercial zoning. Once the city council was informed of the news a request for Grace and Mercy Temple Ministry was submitted to the city council. In November 2010 a vote was made and the motion was carried for Grace and MercyTemple to be located at 2658A Airport Road. On December 5, 2010, God affirmed His charge to Pastor Brown and brought to pass the vision and the first service was held and souls were added to the ministry. In February of 2012, Grace and Mercy Temple Ministry was able to extend their worship services by adding a Fellowship Hall to the ministry.
We take the charge of the Lord seriously and we forever holdfast to this truth, that the people belong to God. We have a charge to keep, and a God to glorify. The Lord has set His approval on the ministry and the blessings have overtaken us in such a short period of time. The awesome move of God has caused Pastor Brown and Co-Pastor Brown to see God handy work in the earth and declare His Glory. As we look to God to lead us in a plain path so we might not error or fail God, but we celebrate Jesus Christ. We stand on the scripture that says: “That your Faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the Power of God”. 1 Corinthians 2:5